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About our Company

Performance Profile / References

The GNS Company was founded in 1998 at the initiative of the Society for Ecological Utilization of Materials (FÖST e.V.) to conduct research on practical technologies for improving the sustainable utilization of natural materials.

The highly qualified management and staff provide years of experience in a wide variety of applications. Together with partner companies, GNS offers full proficiency for complex tasks, ranging from scientific proposals and technological development to the supervision of project implementation.

Digestate Treatement System GNS

Nutrient Recovery from Digestate

  • chemical-free
  • law specific heat and energy consumption
  • resource efficiency

From the Digestate to Products

  • calcium carbonate fertilizer
  • ammonium fertilizer
  • biogas fibres

The system

Modified stripping process, wherein the ammonium nitrogen is removed from digestates by using only exhaust heat from the CHP without the use of bases, acids or external stripping media. Binding of ammonia preferred with FGD gypsum to produce a concentrated ammonium sulfate solution and solid calcium carbonate fertilizer.

short description (PDF)


  • energy-saving and clean process for the reduction of emissions and losses of fertilizer nitrogen from digestate
  • important sub-step in the total processing and closing of nutrient cycles in agriculture
  • prevention of ammonia inhibition and removal of nutrient surpluses from the fermentation of nitrogen-rich substrates such as chicken manure

Gasification of Biomass with GNS-catalysis

More Efficiency of Gas Generation

  • maximum gas yield
  • minimize tar formation
  • minimize losts of energy

Universal Application

  • for fixed bed and fluidized bed
  • optimization of existing plant
  • catalysts for gasification and exhaust gas cleaning

The system

Reduction of tar formation, lowering the threshold temperature and acceleration of gasification reactions by catalytic reaction control and process control.

Energetic optimal utilization of the chemical energy in biomass at reduced partially oxidation and utilization of internal heat sources (partially allothermic process management).

results of wood gasification (PDF)


  • research and pilot plant for gasification at the University of Applied Science (FH) Merseburg, DE (2002 bis 2005)
  • implementation and testing at 6 different gasification systems (2002 to 2014)

Testing & Expertise

Testing and assessment of new biomass conversion processes

  • examination of thermochemical processes such as pyrolysis, direct liquefaction, methanation, chemical and biochemical methods for the generation of gaseous and liquid fuels from biomass
  • chemical-technical, environmental, legal and economic process assessment
  • investigation of combinations of methods for closing material and energy cycles

Assessment of operational facilities

  • material and energy balance
  • associated analyzes and investigations
  • rating by state-of-the-art and technology

Monitoring of technical installations

  • optimization and boosting efficiency of wood gasification plants
  • field tests at small-scale furnaces
  • immobilization of heavy metals
  • energy and material balancing
  • gravimetric dust measurements
  • tests of special bulk catalysts for motor gas treatment by biomass gasification

Testing and assessment of raw materials, products and wastes

  • assessing the potential of biomass and wastes
  • evaluating potential of biomass and wastes
  • analysing of repercussions on products and wastes and their usability


Research projekt straw briquettes

Development and testing of straw briquettes for use in log wood boilers under the scientific direction of GNS.

Biofuels on the basis of straw have been developed, manufactured and tested in field tests with emission measurements at small-scale furnaces.

2007 - 2009

Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, project support AiF eV, Berlin

Projekt partners
RUF GmbH & Co. KG, Zaisertshofen (D);
Hartmut Wolf Schädlingsbekämpfung & Biobrennstoffe, Sermuth (D);
Forschungs- und Beratungszentrums für Maschinen- und Energiesysteme, FBZ e.V., An-Institut der Hochschule Merseburg (D)

detailed information (PDF)

Research project digestate fibres

Research project on using fibres from nitrogen-reduced digestate from biogas plants to substitute material in particleboard- and MDF-production.

Research project digestate fibres

2011 / 2012

Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU)

Projekt partners
Nova-Institut GmbH, Hürth (D)
Glunz AG, Meppen (D)
BENAS GmbH, Vorwerk (D)
SSM - Technologiy, Nauen (D)

detailed information (PDF)

Research project ANAklär

Modification and adaptation of the ANAStrip® Process for nitrogen recovery as a operating pilot plant for wastewater treatment plants with sludge digestion - under scientific leadership by GNS.

Research project ANAklär

1. phase: studies in laboratory scale (2011)

2. phase: construction and operation of a container pilot plant for sewage sludge digestion, nitrogen reducing and sludge treatment (2012-2013)

2011 - 2014

Austrian Research Promotion Agency - FFG, program COIN

Projekt partners
AIM Technical Solutions GmbH, Timelkam (A)
Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, IFA Tulln (A)
HIPI Ziviltechniker GmbH, Vöcklabruck (A)
SSM - Technology, Nauen (D)

detailed information (PDF)