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Analysis, fermentation tests, pilot plant trials We examine your natural and residual materials and test all treatment steps in the laboratory and pilot plant.

We at GNS offer you comprehensive laboratory services for all aspects of biomass utilisation and waste recycling. Our laboratory specialises in tests for biogas plants and of fermentation residues as well as analyses in the field of wastewater, residues and fuels. Among other things, fermentation tests and residue analysis are part of our regular testing tasks on behalf of our customers.

Research and development laboratory – our comprehensive laboratory services

In our laboratory and pilot plant, we carry out analyses and test set-ups individually according to your needs, such as

  • Mechanical and physical-chemical material separation
  • Recovery of valuable materials
  • Treatment of waste materials and industrial wastewater
  • Immobilisation of pollutants
  • Biochemical and thermochemical treatment processes
  • Analysis of deposits, e.g. in pipes
  • Proof of compostability

Through process simulations in the laboratory and pilot plant, we can test process engineering solutions and thus obtain important data for the design of technical plants. With our versatile laboratory equipment and extensive practical experience, we achieve a high degree of flexibility in meeting your requirements.

Our services for biogas plants

We offer analyses and investigations to control the process biology, biogas substrates and digestate as well as digestate treatment. For this purpose, we have discontinuous and continuous test facilities with reaction volumes between 0.25 and 10 litres.

  • Substrate characterisation and evaluation
  • Batch fermentation tests and continuous fermentation tests according to VDI 4630
  • Investigations to remove inhibitions in the fermenter caused by ammonia or hydrogen sulphide
  • Investigations to improve the digestion of substrates
  • Studies on the recovery of nitrogen and phosphorus from digested sludge and digestate by stripping, flocculation and precipitation combined with mechanical separation operations

Would you like to use the services of our laboratory or do you have questions about the possibilities of an analysis? Then our experienced team will be happy to assist you personally. We will provide you with expert advice.

Our references

Research Institute for Post-Mining Landscapes, Germany (2023)

Performance of batch fermentation tests according to VDI 4630 with prior ensiling of freshly harvested substrates such as maize and sorghum with evaluation of fermentation quality and biogas potential.

Technology provider for substrate digestion for biogas plants (2020)

Fermentation tests to prove the digestion effect in treated and untreated fermentation residues.

Biogas plant operator (2020)

Investigations on the separation of a phosphorus-rich organic solid fertiliser from fermentation residues.

Pan-European German paper manufacturer (2020)

Analysis and investigations on wastewater treatment from paper production.

Biowaste fermentation plant (2018)

Laboratory investigation and suitability testing of solid digestate as fuel.

Wastewater treatment plant 600,000 EGW (2017)

Fermentation testing to investigate the effects of co-digestion of a residue from a landfill leachate treatment with digested sludge, flocculation and post-digestion sludge treatment.

Biogas plant > 1 MW (2016)

Fermentation tests to investigate the effect of lignin digestion preparation Investigations into the separation of phosphorus from fermentation residues.

Biowaste fermentation plant, UK (2016)

Laboratory studies on the removal of nutrients from digestate.

Biowaste fermentation plants (2014-2016)

Laboratory investigations to reduce the formation of salt crusts and the reduction of salt loads in the percolate of biological waste treatment.

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