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Studies & concepts From waste generation to GHG balance - your partner!

Do you need studies on waste generation, waste treatment and waste prevention as well as on biomass and residual material potentials? Then we at GNS can provide you with expert help! We are your experienced partner for the design, implementation and results assessment of practice-oriented and scientific studies in the field of waste management and biomass utilization
In addition, we offer consulting and studies for the analysis and optimization 
of material cycles and material flows.

Methodology of our practice-oriented and scientific studies at a glance:
  • Primary research and surveys
  • Researching secondary sources
  • Analyze even large amounts of data
  • Visualization of the results
  • Practical recommendations for action

Do you need a carbon footprint, a life cycle assessment, a greenhouse gas balance or a sustainability assessment? Our company in Halle, which specializes in testing, consulting and support for sustainable products, processes and procedures, is also your partner for this.

  • We prepare company-related and product-related life cycle assessments (LCA, GHG, CCF, PCF).
  • We support your ecological, economic, social and sustainable product development.
  • We support you by presenting your path and success at conferences and workshops.
And this is how you as a company benefit from a sustainability assessment¹:
  • Integration into the corporate strategy
  • Facilitating product placement
  • Opening the doors to potential investors and banks

The requirements of environmental protection and sustainability go hand in hand. As the GNS team, we always have these requirements in mind for our customers. Our team has over three decades of academic experience in the field of environmental and process engineering. Many investors, planners and plant operators have already benefited from the knowledge of our process chemists and process engineers. We look forward to hearing from you.

¹: GNS is certified by GUTcert

Our references

Evaluation of an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable usage model for weed protection with biofiber mulch mats in viticulture compared to conventional alternatives (2022)

Sub-study as part of the pilot project "Sustainable viticulture with weed protection using biodegradable mulch mats in the Saale-Unstrut wine-growing region", funded by the BMWi in the federal funding measure "Unternehmen Revier"

GHG emission savings in the production of paper from biofiber after biogas production compared to paper production from cellulose (2021)

Privately commissioned study

State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology in Saxony (2020)

Study to ensure the proper disposal of old medicines in the Free State of Saxony.

Landesamt für Umweltschutz und Landwirtschaft Sachsen-Anhalt (2017)

Study on the development of a basis for a waste prevention contribution by the state of Saxony-Anhalt - prevention of food waste.

Project developer for renewable energy technologies from England (2015)

Preparation of a technology overview "General Assessment of Advanced Conversion Technologies by Gasification / Pyrolysis".

Project developer for renewable energy technologies from Munich (2011)

Determination and evaluation of potentials of straw-containing biomass for a plant location in Germany.

Emission reduction in animal husbandry through holistic measures in manure treatment (2006)

Study commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment of Saxony-Anhalt

Ökologische und ökonomische Bewertung des Einsatzes von EPDM-Devulkanisat Compound (2004)

Partial study as part of the project: "Implementation of the circular economy in the rubber processing industry" of the Interessengemeinschaft Kunststoffrecycling Sachsen e.V. (IG KURIS)

Ecological and economic evaluation and comparison of hemp fiber-reinforced with glass fiber-reinforced injection molded products (2002)

Sub-study in the joint project "Substitution of glass fibers in injection molded parts by plant fibers - development of a technological line", funded by the DBU

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