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Research Institute for Post-Mining Landscapes, Germany (2023)

Performance of batch fermentation tests according to VDI 4630 with prior ensiling of freshly harvested substrates such as maize and sorghum with evaluation of fermentation quality and biogas potential.

Beverage group in Germany (2023)

Preliminary process engineering for the fermentation of spent grains with recovery of nutrients and biofibers.

Municipal waste disposal company (2023)

Technical support for the use of a wood-based compost screen overflow in pyrolysis with evaluation of the usability and quality of the biochar and combustion gas produced.

Operator of a biowaste fermentation plant (2023)

Expert examination of the material suitability and legal approval requirements for new input materials in biowaste fermentation

Chemical Trader (2021)

Expert opinion on the examination of the utilization and marketing of secondary fertilizers and products from processed liquid manure and digestate residues.

German paper manufacturer active throughout Europe (2021)

Assessment and development of a treatment concept for waste water from a paper manufacturing plant.

Operator of a plant for food waste digestion (2021)

Expert opinion of an installed treatment system for drainage of the digestate.

Saving of GHG emissions in the production of paper from biofibers after biogas production compared to paper production from cellulose (2021)

Study commissioned by the plant operator

German paper manufacturer operating throughout Europe (2020/2021)

Development of a process engineering treatment concept for wastewater from a corrugated board production plant

State Office for the Environment, Agriculture and Geology in Saxony (2020)

Study on ensuring the proper disposal of old medicines in the Free State of Saxony.

Technology provider for substrate digestion for biogas plants (2020)

Fermentation tests to prove the digestion effect in treated and untreated fermentation residues.

Biogas plant operator (2020)

Investigations on the separation of a phosphorus-rich organic solid fertiliser from fermentation residues.

Pan-European German paper manufacturer (2020)

Analysis and investigations on wastewater treatment from paper production.

Magaverde® production and product development (2019-2022)

Accompanying and supporting the BENAS Group in setting up production and product development/testing for Magaverde® biofibre products at the BENAS biogas plant site (Ottersberg). The installed production capacity for pulp products is 2,500 t/a and for paper 6,500 t/a.

Investor in new technologies (2019)

Assessment of pyrolysis of plastic waste and waste oil processing into fuels.

International planner and project developer for biogas plants (2019)

Emission assessment of a biorefinery plant for waste fermentation with total digestate treatment.

The municipal operator of a biowaste fermentation plant (2019)

Utilisation test of by-products of a waste fermentation plant

The private operator of a biowaste fermentation plant (2019)

Preliminary planning for the energetic utilisation of solid digestate from a waste fermentation plant

Private operator of a biowaste fermentation plant (2019)

Preliminary planning for the energetic use of solid digestate from a waste fermentation plant

Biowaste fermentation plant (2018)

Laboratory investigation and suitability testing of solid digestate as fuel.

Waste engineering investigations during the refurbishment of a high-rise building (2018)

Recording, analysis and classification of waste according to waste code numbers and waste quantities for disposal during the refurbishment of a high-rise building

Glass producer in Germany (2018)

Investigation of by-products concerning their recyclability

Waste Assessment Information Portal IPA (2017 to 2024)

Revision of waste profiles for the information portal for waste assessment IPA on behalf of the federal government and the federal states, respectively.

Gravel and stone producer in Germany (2017 / 2018)

Feasibility study for sludge water treatment and development of a technical solution concept

Wastewater treatment plant 600,000 EGW (2017)

Fermentation testing to investigate the effects of co-digestion of a residue from a landfill leachate treatment with digested sludge, flocculation and post-digestion sludge treatment.

Austrian energy village with 1,100 inhabitants (2016 - 2018)

Engineering and support for the conversion, commissioning and optimization of a wood gasification plant with efficiency increase through GNS catalysis.

Biogas plant > 1 MW (2016)

Fermentation tests to investigate the effect of lignin digestion preparation Investigations into the separation of phosphorus from fermentation residues.

Biowaste fermentation plant, UK (2016)

Laboratory studies on the removal of nutrients from digestate.

The operator of biowaste fermentation plants in England (2016)

Process engineering advice on the removal of nutrients from fermentation residues

Realization of a digestate treatment system GNS at the 5 MWel biogas plant (construction 2008, extension 2011, FaserPlus process 2016)

The individual planning concept was drawn up in 2007, taking into account the special features on site and using existing tanks and aggregates. The technical implementation was carried out by the plant operator himself. The large-scale functionality of the process was demonstrated in practical operation at the fermentation residue treatment plant, which operates in fully automatic mode. Since 2011, long-term experience with the use of a lot of poultry manure with recycling of the N-reduced fermentation residues. 2016 Testing of the FaserPlus process for co-treatment of biogas fibers (separation after stripping). Location: Ottersberg near Bremen, Client/Partner: BENAS-Biogasanlage GmbH

Food waste digestion plant, UK (2016)

Process evaluation and preliminary planning for the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from the digestate of a food waste fermentation (3.2 MWel, 80,000 t/a input) up to the production of a nutrient-poor process water.

Project developer for renewable energy technologies from England (2015)

Preparation of a technology overview "General Assessment of Advanced Conversion Technologies by Gasification / Pyrolysis".

Project developer for renewable energy technologies from England (2015)

Chemical-technical assessment of thermochemical waste treatment plants with balancing and evaluation of emissions.

Biowaste fermentation plants (2014-2016)

Laboratory investigations to reduce the formation of salt crusts and the reduction of salt loads in the percolate of biological waste treatment.

Global general contractor and operator of plants for biological and mechanical waste utilisation (2014-2016)

Process engineering consulting for the reduction of salt crust formation and the reduction of salt loads in the percolate of a biological waste treatment plant

Municipal utilities of a municipality with approx. 61,000 inhabitants (2011 - 2013)

Efficiency increase of gas generation from wood by GNS catalysis and tests for catalytic engine exhaust gas purification

Realization of a digestate treatment system GNS at a biogas plant (3 MW electricity equivalent) with biomethane production (2011-2012)

After removal of the ammonium nitrogen, 70% of the liquid fermentation residues are returned to the biogas plant. The high proportion of nitrogen that enters the biogas plant with the poultry manure can thus be almost completely removed from the process and converted to mineral fertilizers. By recovering heat from the digestate treatment, the neighboring chicken fattening farm can also be supplied with heat. Location: Saxony-Anhalt, Röblingen am See, Plant manufacturer: AIM Technical Solutions GmbH, Timelkam (A)

Project developer for renewable energy technologies from Munich (2011)

Determination and assessment of potentials of straw-based biomass for a plant location in Germany.

Reduction of emissions by livestock farming through integral methods in liquid manure treatment (2006)

Study commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment of Saxony-Anhalt

Ecological and economic assessment of the use of EPDM devulcanizate compound (2004)

Study in the research project: "Implementation of the circular economy in the rubber processing industry" of the interest group plastics recycling Saxony e.V. (IG KURIS)

Ecological and economic evaluation of hemp fiber reinforced injection molded products in comparison with glass fiber reinforced injection molded products (2002)

Study in the research project "Substitution of glass fibers in injection molded products by plant fibers - construction of a technological line", funded by the DBU

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