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GNS – Gesellschaft für nachhaltige Stoffnutzung mbH Utilisation of biomass, residues and wastes

Reduce, reuse, recycle – we write sustainability in capital letters!

We at GNS have specialised in the topics of recycling management, environmental technology and the use of biomass. Our work aims to develop technologies for reducing emissions, recycling waste and recovering valuable materials for our customers.

In our laboratory and pilot plant, we examine the most diverse natural and residual materials of our customers from Germany and abroad. We test all treatment steps in theory and practice and derive new process engineering solutions from them.

Processes and products for sustainable material utilisation – cooperation with partners

From scientific conception and technology development to engineering and project management, we take on the realisation of complex tasks related to the utilisation of biomass, residual materials and waste in cooperation with partner companies. In doing so, we are active throughout Germany as well as Europe.

Environmental consulting and engineering for process engineering
Problem solutions

Do you need process engineering for the utilisation of biomass and waste? Use our services in environmental consulting and engineering!

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Process for biomass gasification | treatment of fermentation residues
Processes & Products

Our processes for biomass gasification and fermentation residue treatment are developed in-house and are ready to use. Find out more!

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Evaluation of new biomass conversion processes | Expert opinions
Assessment & Expertise

We at GNS are your partner when it comes to assessments, tests and expert opinions – especially for new biomass conversion processes.

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Carbon Footprints

Do you need a carbon footprint, a life cycle assessment, a GHG balance or a sustainability assessment? We are happy to be there for you!

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Waste recycling & biomass use | scientific studies
Studies & Concepts

We are your partner for the design, implementation and result assessment of scientific studies in the field of waste utilisation and biomass utilisation.

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GNS - Gesellschaft für nachhaltige Stoffnutzung mbH
Laboratory & pilot plant

Whether waste analysis, fermentation test or fuel analysis – our laboratory is available to you individually according to your needs.

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Investment security Through proven expertise for investors, planners & plant operators

Processes and process combinations often involve great risks for the investor. Comprehensive expertise is essential, especially at the level of process functionality. This is the only way that investments in the millions can generate the desired return. Our team has decades of experience in the field of environmental and process engineering.

We prepare independent expert reports, material and energy balances and supervise plant optimisation on-site. Many investors, planners and plant operators have already benefited from the knowledge of our process chemists and process engineers. Each process is carefully examined by us down to the smallest detail. This gives you greater investment security and you do not have to fear any unpleasant surprises.

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