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Assessment & expert reports Testing and assessment of biomass conversion and recycling management processes.

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At GNS, we are your partner when it comes to processing engineering assessments, testing and expert opinions – especially for new processes for biomass conversion, residue and waste utilisation and recyclables recovery. We prepare independent expert reports and technical due diligence for investment projects. Besides, we carry out ecological, environmental and economic assessments of processes, products, residues, waste and emissions.

Testing and evaluation of processes
  • Thermochemical processes such as pyrolysis, gasification, direct liquefaction and hydrothermal carbonisation (HTC)
  • Biochemical processes such as fermentation of biomasses and wastes
  • Physico-chemical, chemical and mechanical processes such as treatment of fermentation residues, wastewater and ash
  • Investigation of process combinations for recovering valuable materials and closing material and energy cycles
Evaluation of input materials, products and waste
  • Potential assessment of biomass, residues and wastes
  • Suitability assessment of biomass, residues and wastes
  • Assessment of emissions and pollutants as well as recyclable and hazardous wastes
Assessment and supervision of practical plants
  • Material and energetic balancing
  • Assessment according to the state of knowledge and technology
  • Accompanying analyses and investigations
  • Process optimisation and engineering

Our references

Operator of a biowaste fermentation plant (2023)

Expert examination of the material suitability and legal approval requirements for new input materials in biowaste fermentation

Operator of a plant for food waste digestion (2021)

Expert opinion of an installed treatment system for drainage of the digestate.

Chemical Trader (2021)

Expert opinion on the examination of the utilization and marketing of secondary fertilizers and products from processed liquid manure and digestate residues.

German paper manufacturer active throughout Europe (2021)

Assessment and development of a treatment concept for waste water from a paper manufacturing plant.

Waste Assessment Information Portal IPA (2017 to 2024)

Revision of waste profiles for the information portal for waste assessment IPA on behalf of the federal government and the federal states, respectively.

Investor in new technologies (2019)

Assessment of pyrolysis of plastic waste and waste oil processing into fuels.

International planner and project developer for biogas plants (2019)

Emission assessment of a biorefinery plant for waste fermentation with total digestate treatment.

Waste engineering investigations during the refurbishment of a high-rise building (2018)

Recording, analysis and classification of waste according to waste code numbers and waste quantities for disposal during the refurbishment of a high-rise building

Project developer for renewable energy technologies from England (2015)

Chemical-technical assessment of thermochemical waste treatment plants with balancing and evaluation of emissions.

Developer and operator of recycling technologies (2013 - 2015)

Chemical-technical assessment and scientific-technical support of a process for fuel production from waste plastics.

Waste analysis database ABANDA (2014)

Collection of analysis data of hazardous waste with additions to the waste analysis database ABANDA and verification of the classification on behalf of the State Office for Environmental Protection Saxony-Anhalt.

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