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Waste analysis, fermentation tests, substrate and fuel analyses

We at GNS offer you comprehensive laboratory services for the use of biomass and waste recycling. Our laboratory is specialised in investigations for biogas plants as well as analyses in the field of residue and fuel characteristics. Our range of services includes fermentation tests and waste analysis.

Research and development laboratory – our comprehensive laboratory services

In our laboratory we carry out individual test set-ups for the separation of materials, recovery of recyclable materials and immobilisation of pollutants. Besides, we are also specialised in investigations in the field of biochemical and thermochemical treatment processes. Whether waste analysis, fermentation test or fuel analysis – we are at your disposal according to your individual needs.

Through process simulations in the laboratory and on a small scale, we can test system solutions and thus obtain important data for the design of processes. Through combinable laboratory equipment and extensive practical experience, we achieve a igh degree of flexibility in meeting your requirements.

Investigations in the field of biogas plants, waste analysis and fuel characteristics – our references

  • Bio-waste fermentation plant (2018): Laboratory testing and suitability testing of solid fermentation residues as fuel
  • Wastewater treatment plant 600,000 PT (2017): fermentation tests to study the effects of co-fermentation of the residue of a landfill leachate treatment with digested sludge, flocculation and secondary treatment of the digested sludge
  • Biogas plant > 1 MW (2016): fermentation tests to investigate the effect of a lignin digestion preparation and investigations on the separation of phosphorus from fermentation residues
  • Bio-waste fermentation plant, UK (2016): Laboratory tests on the removal of nutrients from fermentation residues
  • Biowaste fermentation plants (2014 - 2016): Laboratory tests to reduce the formation of salt crusts and the reduction of salt loads in the percolate of a biological waste treatment plant
  • German market leader for pressing and briquetting machines (2009): Testing and characterisation of alternative biofuels for the production and use of straw briquettes in biomass boilers

Would you like to book the services of our laboratory or do you have questions about the possibilities of an analysis? Then our experienced team will be happy to assist you personally. We provide you with expert advice on fermentation tests, waste analysis and substrate and fuel analyses.

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