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Closed technology chains for nutrient recycling from organic residues - organic residues to advanced nutrient (2019-2022)

Period: 4/2019 - 3/2022

Funding: Funded by BMBF in the funding program "Innovative regional growth cores"

Project partner: Consortium of 11 industrial partners and 6 research partners in the region of Central Germany,



Abonocare® is an association of innovative SMEs who have come together to develop efficient and financially viable technology and value chains for creating products from organic waste.

The core of Abonocare® is its partners, which provide a wide range of conditioning, conversion, fractionation and mixing technologies. These partners are joined by companies and institutions which provide a wide range of analysis services and laboratory and test facilities for product and process development purposes. A total of 4 areas are shown:

  1. Conditioning technologies for the preparation of organic residues
  2. Process for sewage sludge utilization with the production of phosphorus fertilizer and biochar
  3. Process for digestate treatment with nitrogen recovery
  4. Process for the production of fertilizer granulates and special earth mixtures

In area 3, the following developments are carried out and services are offered under the direction of GNS:

  1. Processes and systems for processing liquid organic residues with the production of high-quality fertilizer products
  2. Production of high-quality fertilizer products: ASL (25 - 40%), adapted special N fertilizer solutions (N, N + S, NPK, NPK + S), AHC product, MAP fertilizer
  3. Research and development expertise in the field of nutrient recovery
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Circular Solutions for Biowaste - Demonstration and evaluation of innovative technologies for closing the cycle and recovering plant nutrients from biogenic waste (2017-2021)

Period: 6/2017 - 5/2021

Funding: Funded in the research and innovation program HORIZON 2020 of the European Union

Project partner: Consortium of 15 partners and 7 EU countries


  1. On the basis of 5 demonstration plants in Europe, SYSTEMIC is showing for the first time how high-quality plant nutrients can be obtained from biowaste, liquid manure and solid manure through innovative recycling technologies and how ecologically and economically sustainable business models can be created. With the fiber plus system at BENAS, GNS represents one of the 5 demonstration locations and Germany.
  2. SYSTEMIC also offers 10 European biogas plants the free evaluation of integrated recycling technologies with the aim of making the operation of the biogas plant more profitable, more stable, more sustainable and less dependent on subsidies.
  3. The results of these investigations will be processed in case studies and concepts and for policy advice in order to disseminate intelligent solutions for the targeted recycling of plant nutrients from biogenic residues and waste materials throughout the EU so that agricultural and urban cycles can be closed sustainably.


Research association project BiogasFaserPlus

Generation and use of high-quality materials from by-products of biogas plants (2015 - 2017)

Period: 3/2015 - 9/2017

Funding: Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the top cluster BioEconomy

Project partners: GNS (network management), DBFZ German Biomass Research Center gGmbH - Leipzig (D), BENAS GmbH - Vorwerk (D), Kronospan GmbH - Lampertswalde (D), La Mont GmbH - Berlin (D), ORmatiC GmbH - Berlin (D), eutec ingenieure GmbH - Dresden (D), associated partner: KTG Energie AG - Hamburg (D)

Technical-scientific goals:

  1. Utilization of the fiber-rich fractions from digestate as a wood substitute
  2. Development and testing of special equipment for the FaserPlus process
  3. Large-scale piloting of the FiberPlus process and use of biogas fibers in wood-based material production

Project results:

  1. Testing of a pilot plant for 2 m³ / h throughput
  2. Conversion of the large BENAS system into a fiber plus system with continuous operation since 10/2016
  3. Tests and optimization of fiber usage at Kronospan
  4. Deriving the ecological-economic evaluation of the overall system

Research association project Holzgas Plus

Joint research project on benzene reduction in wood gas-powered CHP systems, with testing of new post-combustion catalysts from GNS.

Period: 11/2012 - 6/2014

Funding: Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Project Management Jüllich

Project partner: Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE (coordinator) Company partners including Burkhardt GmbH, Ligento green power GmbH, Schnell Motoren AG, Spanner RE2 GmbH, Stadtwerke Rosenheim GmbH Co. KG (SWRO), SWU Energie GmbH, GNS mbH

2013: Successful tests with GNS post-combustion catalysts
With innovative bulk material catalysts from GNS, high conversion rates for CO and benzene were achieved in tests with engine exhaust gas from the wood gas production of plants of the partners ISE and SWRO.

GNS post-combustion catalysts:
By using a catalyst combination of a particularly powerful oxidation catalyst and a robust protective catalyst, the catalyst poisons can be intercepted in the inexpensive protective catalyst before they enter the highly active oxidation catalyst. Thereby:

  1. Safe compliance with the emission limit values ​​for CO, benzene and other pollutants during the entire operating time
  2. Lower costs and improved catalyst life

Research projekt straw briquettes

Project partners:

  • RUF GmbH & Co. KG, Zaisertshofen (D);
  • Hartmut Wolf Schädlingsbekämpfung & Biobrennstoffe, Sermuth (D);
  • Forschungs- und Beratungszentrums für Maschinen- und Energiesysteme, FBZ e.V., An-Institut der Hochschule Merseburg (D)

Development and testing of straw briquettes for use in log wood boilers under the scientific direction of GNS.

Biofuels on the basis of straw have been developed, manufactured and tested in field tests with emission measurements at small-scale furnaces.

Period: 2007 - 2009

Sponsor: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, project support AiF eV, Berlin

Research project digestate fibres

Project partners:

  • Nova-Institut GmbH, Hürth (D)
  • Glunz AG, Meppen (D)
  • BENAS GmbH, Vorwerk (D)
  • SSM - Technology, Nauen (D)
Research project digestate fibres

Research project ANAklär

Project partners:

  • AIM Technical Solutions GmbH, Timelkam (A)
  • Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, IFA Tulln (A)
  • HIPI Ziviltechniker GmbH, Vöcklabruck (A)
  • SSM - Technology, Nauen (D)
Research project ANAklär
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